Frequently asked questions
  1. How does the MyCasinoShare affiliate program work?
    You will promote one or more MyCasinoShare casino products through advertising on several social media (such as your website) and for doing so you will get a commission every month, based on the net revenues of the casino generated by the players. For more information, please turn to our commission department. Don’t forget that your potential earnings are not limited to the referred players. You can also receive earnings by referring partners!
  2. How much money can I earn with this program?
    The amount you may earn is entirely up to you, there are no limits to your earnings. Normally, the more time and effort you put in the program, the more gains you have. When you sign up as a MyCasinoShare affiliate, you get access to all of the necessary tools to transform your website into a money generating machine.
  3. Are there any costs for signing up as a partner?
    No. The admission is completely free of charge.
  4. Where is MyCasinoShare located and where is its license?
    MyCasinoShare (subdepartment of Traarbach Diensten BV) has its head office and license in the Netherlands.
  5. Where can I get support?
    If you have any remarks, problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us at contact@mycasinoshare.com. You can also directly contact your affiliate manager.
Technical questions
  1. Where do I find banners and content for my website?
    MyCasinoShare will provide you with all the necessary banners and content to allow you to promote our products. You can find all this info at mycasinoshare.com. You register as our partner and then click "Get your ads". Here you can find all your necessary media such as banners, text links and more.
  2. How will my referred players be linked to me?
    Our affiliate program checks how every player gets on our websites. When you refer a player to our website, the program will save that information. Players will be linked to you and this will remain this way, for as long as they play. In other words, we share every euro that the player spends with you. Guaranteed!
  3. How often are my statistics updated?
    Your statistics are updated daily.
  4. Do I have to register a second time if I want to promote multiple casinos?
    No, you can promote all products from one affiliate account.
  5. I didn’t receive my mail from MyCasinoShare.
    Please contact contact@mycasinoshare.com.
  6. Do I need a website to promote the casinos?
    Promotion by websites is by far the most popular method for the affiliate marketing of MyCasinoShare casinos. To follow up all players you refer to us, and to pay you out for it, they must enter a tracking code when signing up at our websites. You will receive this tracking code after you have registered as a partner. Without this code it is not possible to follow up on this player and subsequently to pay you for his referral.
Financial questions
  1. When can I see the money for my referrals?
    MyCasinoShare processes its payments around the 20th of each month. We advise you to give us your invoice around the 15th of each month to give us enough time to correctly pay you.
  2. How is your commission structured?

    Earn up to 50% commission on the net loss of you referred and qualified players (min deposit + min wager required) during their membership. For more detailed information don't hesitate to contact your account manager.

  3. Which payment methods do you offer?
    You will be paid by bank transfer (minimum 125,00 euros per brand. If you do not reach this minimum, you can put it on a following invoice as soon as you do reach it. You may always request a payment for one brand.).
  4. How can I check my earnings?
    You can log in on your account at mycasinoshare.com and check your statistics 24/7 and ask for a commission report from the period you've been member at mycasinoshare.com.
  5. Are negative balances rolled over?
    No, they are not. They get reset to 0 at the start of every month.
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