Why choose MCS?

MyCasinoShare is known for its honesty and transparency with casinos and affiliates.

MyCasinoShare communicates. Our foundations lay in the growing irritation of having no communication between parties. Our mission is simple and clear: transparent communication which allows both parties to know what is happening in the industry and what promotional material is coming up soon. This is what we strive to do. 

High commissions

MyCasinoShare offers 50% commission for the first month. After this, we plan a meeting discussing a fair distribution. Look with us for a fair deal and you get an instant idea of what to expect as a partner of MyCasinoShare and of the brands we represent.

Default commission group:

players with deposit

Numbers don’t lie

MyCasinoShare is actively looking for new partners. Together we work towards a community, with fair competition and especially actual facts. What has MyCasinoShare accomplished thus far?
100+Daily registrations
2Participating casinos
100kYearly revenue
My Share

How does it work

The process is very simple. Sign up for our affiliate program.
We instantly handle your application. As soon as you have been approved, the program begins. We will send you a starter package of logos and current promotional material in different formats. If you do not get approved, we will give you pointers as to how to get accepted next time.
Start advertising the casinos and generate your passive revenues!
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